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Digital Candle or Giftware Labels

candle label

Insignia Labels are a leading supplier of digitally printed candle or giftware labels, so whether you are a specialist manufacturer, importer, pack house, fulfilment company or retailer, we specialise in providing the highest quality, cost effective labels of any size, shape or colour in small to medium sized runs. Our full colour candle or giftware labels can include for example variable batch numbers, weight information, storage instructions, bar-codes and can also be personalised to suit your individual needs and branding requirements.

Specialists in Digitally Printed Candle or Giftware Labels

If you are looking to improve the impact of you candle or giftware labels or launching a new product then please give us a call. The digitally printed labels can be made from a range of materials to give an exclusive premium product look, a recycled look or whatever image you want to portray on your candles or giftware to add a unique touch to your brands. At its most effective, a great candle or giftware label will sell product! Whatever type of candle or giftware label you are looking for, we have got the answer, so please give us a call.

Supplier of Digitally Printed Candle or Giftware Labels

Insignia Labels strive to offer the most flexible printing options for your candle or giftware labels, using the latest in digital printing processes. Our digital label printing presses are ideally suited for the manufacture of small to medium sized runs of candle or giftware custom printed labels which enables us to serve this market to a high standard.

With our extensive label printing experience we feel we can provide a solution for all your candle or giftware labelling requirements.

Additional Information on Digitally Printed Candle of Giftware Labels

If you would like further information on digitally printed candle or giftware labels, then you can contact us now for free candle or giftware label samples or a free quotation.

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